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16. května 2016 - Berky
1x Kirin - Ichiban (12°)

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Prozatím žádná hospoda nenalezena :-(

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29.06.2016 15:32
Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, is one of Japan’s most prominent and respected breweries, and among the top ten brewers in the world*. Its history dates back to 1888 and in that time, the name Kirin has become synonymous in Japan and around the world with beer of the highest quality.

Kirin Brewery of America LLC oversees Kirin’s beer business in North America, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Kirin refers to a mythic beast from ancient Chinese mythology: one-half dragon, the other deer. According to legend, this amazing animal refuses to step on living plants and will not eat living things. Considered a harbinger of auspicious events, a Kirin is said to have appeared at the bedside of the mother of Confucius as she was about to give birth to her son. As a symbol of well-being and good fortune, the Kirin was an ideal choice for the label of Kirin Beer.

Adresa: 3205-7 Mada, Asakura-shi, Fukuoka-ken 838-0058, Japonsko

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  • Kirin - Ichiban (12°)

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